The Budgetizer: Helping employees manage money

A weekly or monthly pay check is the main source of money for most of us and is when support is needed most. Tools play an important role in helping improve financial literacy – One-in-three adults cannot work out the correct change from a shopping trip.*

Creating a budget is always a good first step in taking control of money. ‘The Budgetizer’ is a new type of online planner that is both engaging and useful. It is designed specifically for organisations by connecting with reward and benefit programmes to maximise their take up and value.

Income and spending is broken down into bite-size chunks to help employees plan for the future. They can also compare their budget with ‘people like me’ to see if they’re spending more or less than others. Peer comparison is proven to make a major impact in effecting change in behaviours.

A surplus can direct employees to company saving and pension plans, with debt support and counselling if there’s a significant deficit, heading off future financial issues.

Benefits for organisations:

• Supports your employees as money is the biggest form of stress at work
• Designed for employees, connecting to your reward, benefit and pension programs
• Helps to deliver on your financial wellbeing strategy
• Bespoke dashboard for real-time analytics
• Affordable licence including regular content updates
• Hosted remotely so simple to integrate with existing platforms through APIs
• GDPR compliant
• Can be adapted to reflect your company brand

Benefits for your employees:

• Introduces the basics of budgeting, putting them in control of finances
• Personalised guidance with achievable tips on what to do next
• Visual, engaging and easy to use
• Reflects the digital experiences they are used to outside of work
• Fully functioning on any device, anywhere and at any time
• Compare with ‘people like me’ through Office for National Statistics data
• Ability to save, download and share the results
• Secure and private

For further information, contact Ryan.