Enhance member communication with Landscape’s communication audit service

For pension schemes, clear and effective communication is challenging, especially when taking into account the need to adhere to regulatory guidelines. This is where we come in. With our new Communication Audit Service, which is designed to assess and improve your pension scheme’s various communications. Looking at whether it’s clear and easy to understand, compliant with regulations and engaging. 

The benefits

Clear communication not only avoids confusion and potential complaints, it builds trust and empowers members to make informed decisions about their retirement savings. Plus, compliance ensures you meet your reporting and disclosure obligations, whilst engaging communication encourages member participation whilst reducing administrative burden. 

What do I get in return? 

We assess your current approach against our carefully developed framework criteria: 

  • Benchmarking

We would compare your communications approach with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. 

  • Members needs

We would analyse member personas to understand their preferred communication methods, information needs and level of engagement. 

  • Gap analysis

We will identify any gaps evident between your current communication practices and member needs and/regulatory requirements.

  • Recommendations

We will provide a list of recommendations – prioritised from most to least urgent – including specific strategies to improve clarity of communication, as well as enhance engagement and the overall member experience. 

Ready to get started on enhancing your pension communications? Just drop our client services director Johnathon an email at jryder@yourlandscape.co.uk today.