Landscape/Wealth at Work x University of Lincoln

Landscape and Wealth at Work are proud to be working with the University of Lincoln once again to produce a cutting-edge, market-leading digital experience around their rewards and benefits offering.

Wealth at Work has worked with the University of Lincoln for a number of years, providing topic-based education seminars and the Life Choice website, which provides guidance for existing staff and those approaching retirement.

The new website will host a variety of interactive and engaging learning resources that combine gamification theory, as well as broadcast and nudge communications via email to drive actions and positive behaviours to give users greater financial resilience.

These resources will include education modules that tackle a variety of subject matters, from managing money and pensions to tax and employee benefits. These will be supplemented by a series of webinars that can be attended outside of the platform.

The website will also be available to friends and family of the University’s employees, as well as former staff and students too so that the whole community can benefit from greater levels of financial education.

These are just a few of the elements that this new website will feature, which is launching in the coming months, so watch this space!