Turning the cards

When hiring, employers have to consider a range of attributes such as education, skills, experience and appearance. Behaviour is more difficult to assess in an interview, and psychometric testing is a way to measure a candidate’s character, strengths and weaknesses. It should improve employee retention as employers will make more successful hiring decisions.


Saville offer a range of talent assessments, one of the most popular being a card sort. These help to remove risk from the hiring process by clarifying a candidate’s skills and career interests. A printed physical deck is tactile but it has its limitations. Saville were looking for a digital version so that candidates could also be assessed remotely before meeting face to face. This is particularly important for campaigns with thousands of applications that require screening.



We built an interactive web app where candidates are presented with a number of work area cards and asked to drag and drop the cards to determine their importance. The minimal interface helps employees quickly understand the task they need to do, and why they need to do it. It also integrates with Saville’s Oasys platform to seamlessly report findings back to line mangers, HR teams and consultants.


The app is being used with lots of organisations and has received great feedback on launch. A Product Manager of Saville Assessment said, “Thanks for being very client focused, flexible, supportive and seeing things through to a high quality. The end-to-end process has been demo’d to ten major clients, and converting three within the first few weeks – more than we could have dreamed of.”