The rebirth of Data Dave

The exponential increase in data has meant we need somewhere to store it all and physical formats are becoming obsolete. Businesses have vast data storage demands, and need it to be backed up securely, retrieved quickly in a crisis and accessed remotely. ‘Backup as a service’ (BaaS) is often the solution, provided by technology businesses who can maintain and manage the data on their behalf.


In a competitive market dominated by global giants like Amazon, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for organisations who offer more bespoke BaaS to cut through. Shouting about your product (which is often as good, if not better) can too easily be drowned out by others with bigger pockets. Richardson Eyres need to be smarter and more creative. They wanted to convey their technical expertise by appealing to IT data experts as well as non-technical purchase decision makers in smaller organisations.

“Fantastic! Data Dave animations and banners are absolutely brilliant! Perfectly pitched to our audience.”


We recommended a campaign built around quadrilateral ‘Data Dave’ who repeatedly dies in horrific and unexpected ways but is restored each time to his former glory by RE Cloud Backup. We produced a series of animations that put Data Dave in perilous situations and supported this by email and social, asking followers to suggest inventive ways for him to perish in future. And predictably, we made a rather cute cuddly toy of him…


The Head of Marketing said, “FantasticI Data Dave animations and banners are absolutely brilliant! Perfectly pitched to our audience”. Whilst we were planning another phase of the campaign, Richardson Eyres were acquired by Telent for a significant sum. Coincidence or marketing nous? We couldn’t possibly comment.