Are you Saver or a Spender?

Many organisations offer a core and flexible set of benefits to employees that can be included in their compensation package. But beyond tangible perks and vouchers, financial education is also vital in recognition of the role employers have in their employee’s wellbeing. Stress caused by pay levels, lack of financial awareness or understanding of their benefits can affect work performance.


KPMG provide benefit products and services to a broad range of organisations through their EMX Hub. Employees of their clients login to choose their perks and benefits during a defined benefit window. However, sometimes the choice can seem overwhelming and it is difficult for employees to grasp which benefit best suits their lifestyle. KPMG asked us to develop an app that helps to re-engage employees by helping them understand more about their financial habits.


We designed and built a vertically scrolling web site that tells employees whether they are a ‘saver’ or a ‘spender’. It asks a series of fun questions and after they have prioritised a series of statements, it highlights which of the company benefits are most relevant to them. We animated our lovely illustrations (if we do say so ourselves) to appeal to all age groups, but particularly millennials to help them recognise and engage with their total reward package.

“Now having had the time to share with my senior colleagues, we all think the Saver/Spender app is looking really great. It’s fun, easy to use, and informative to the user. Well-done the Landscape team!”

Senior Employee Engagement Consultant, KPMG