Act like an Owner with Coca-Cola

In order for employees to do their best in every part of a business, successful organisations provide opportunities to excel, and reward them when they do. Recognising achievement through incentive plans in turn maintains motivation and retention. Linking it to the business strategy and metrics helps to cultivate a relationship with employee’s that are transparent and achievable.


Over 3,300 users completed the experience, with 24% indicating an increase in their knowledge of a complex series of performance measures and targets.


For a business as complex as Coca-Cola that measures success primarily by unit sales, it is important to be able to simply explain the relationship to an employee’s performance plan.

There are many behaviours that will have a positive impact on business growth, and Coca-Cola wanted them to be communicated to all incentivised employees worldwide.


The learning map is an interactive scrolling journey that breaks down the actions and behaviours each employee needs to know. Employees are segmented based on job function and seniority which changes the content they would experience within the tool. It explains the metrics and definitions, and helps employees understand what they can do in their role to support company growth with real life stories.


Since it’s launch in mid 2017, the tool has accumulated over 600 hours of use – that’s almost a whole month of users interacting with the website and improving on their knowledge of their business function competencies and metrics.