Building brand momentum

How a brand expresses itself, through its identity, marketing, digital presence, tone of voice and employer brand is the most tangible manifestation of it’s DNA. However, all the energy spent on employee training, mission statements, and investor relations is pointless if a brand behaves differently to how it looks and sounds. Research shows that successful businesses nurture their brand and recognise the value its adds to the balance sheet.


When Actelion was founded in 1997, it’s brand identity was very different to other pharmaceutical organisations. It reflected their ambitious drive, R&D focus and entrepreneurial culture. Landscape have been retained to manage the brand globally, ensuring that communications are consistent whilst maintaining the progressive spirit that makes it so unique.


Our work is ongoing, supporting the communications team in everything, from corporate communications, investor presentations and patient documentation to employee engagement. As agency brand custodians we updated the brand guidelines to more accurately reflect the organisation’s growth. We generate brand assets with their proprietary graphic generator and design various reports, including their Annual Report each year in two languages and the Corporate Sustainability Review. We also re-structured and designed Actelion’s corporate website, with TeamSite templates for their affiliates around the world.

“Annual Reporting is always the busiest time of year for us so to have so much else going on at the same time meant that we were under pressure. I really appreciate that together you guys and my team have delivered another set of fantastic reports, especially the great/quick responsiveness in the last few days! Excellent work.”

Head of Corporate Communications, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


We are immensely proud of our work with Actelion. We produced four years of Annual Reports on the bounce and Actelion were bought by Johnson and Johnson for €30 billion, with the spin off drug discovery operations creating a new company, Idorsia. Our careful and refined reporting of investor information was a small but important cog in one of the top 20 largest pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions in history.