Gamifying the benefits selection process

When it comes to employee benefits, is there such a thing as too much choice? Absolutely not, but for an employee, more choice means more time spent making selections. Between work and life commitments, employees are already stretched for time and/or budget, therefore you could argue it’s the employer’s responsibility to guide them in the right direction.


Nationwide is proud of the wide range of benefits it offers its employees, but unfortunately, outside the usual favourites like holiday buying and pension, the take up of their other benefits was lower than they liked. 

Whilst they had a benefits platform that hosted lots of information about the benefits on offer, a large proportion of colleagues who sat on the “front line” retail spaces simply didn’t have the time to comb through long documents. 

They wanted to make the benefits selection process slimmer, faster, and just a bit more fun, especially with the next benefits window looming. We were asked to build a digital tool that would help employees quickly determine which benefits were most relevant to them.


We built a web portal that used gamification to match employees with the most relevant benefits. Employees would take a quick personality test that depending on their answers, would match them to one of seven personality types, each with their own set of benefits.

The user experience was a heavy focus throughout. We were continuously testing and tweaking the types of questions, as well as optimising the desktop and mobile experiences. The portal used a decision tree algorithm that produced meaningful and accurate results and the questions were written in a friendly and engaging way, using a quirky tone of voice. 

Nationwide was also about to launch its new corporate rebrand during this time, so we had to ensure that this new look and feel was reflected throughout. It was also one of the first pieces of interactive marketing that made use of the new brand.

“We hosted a series of in-person events during our annual benefits enrolment window and the quiz was a really good conversation starter to help colleagues understand what was available.” – Claire Clarke, Propositions, Recognition and Benefits Consultant, People Function, Nationwide


At the launch of the benefits window, the tool became available to all staff and was well received by their colleagues. The tool was embedded into all communications related to annual enrolment and is now being used to improve the benefits information shared to new joiners to the Society.

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