A community where 
creativity rules all

Woven into the London tapestry, but a place that has its own identity. Where the atmosphere is electricity. Where people can learn, love, live and be free to meet like-minded people. And become part of a community. This is Fish Island Village.


Fish Island Village is a joint venture between Peabody, Hill and The Trampery. We were approached to bring the vision to life, which included everything from creating a bold brand identity to delivering a strategic placemaking campaign.


This part of east London is famous for its close-knit creative community and independent spirit. And that was a key consideration throughout the project because, historically, gentrification has been a bit of a sticking point.

So as well as building an identity that would attract a wider market, we also had to get the locals onboard too and bring them along on the journey. We did that in a number of ways: we focused on storytelling, interviewing islanders to understand what makes this place different and developing a brand proposition and narrative that got to the heart of what the community is all about.

We worked with artists from Fish Island and Hackney Wick to create unique artwork that was displayed in outdoor advertising, digital media and the host brochure. We hired a local ironmonger to create a sculpture for the marketing suite. And our influencer outreach campaign led to brand ambassadors that could spread the word about the new community and get people talking about it.

3,592 visitors visited the website within the first two weeks of launch

The customer return rate tripled from the launch of website

Average of 34.45 visitors per week to the marketing suite

3,709 leads generated

29.58% open rate for HTML (above the average industry standard)

Press campaign led to 400 website registrations, resulting in 12 sales (£4k per sale in media spend)


Fish Island Village has attracted new people into the area and built a loyal (local) following. The artwork used throughout online/offline platforms has helped to raise the profile of artists living here. And the campaign also went on to win three awards at the Property Marketing Awards 2018, including the Grand Prix.