Go start. Go dream. Go plan.

Money is the main form of stress in the workplace, exacerbated by wage stagnation, fears of digital security and general concerns with the state of the world. We’re also sleep-walking into a later life savings socio-economic crisis with an ageing workforce which will be a significant challenge for organisations in the very near future.

We know happy employees create happier workplaces which in turn has positive effects on business growth. Yet 59% of organisations are not doing anything to tackle financial wellbeing (Source: Reward – Wellbeing in the Workplace 2018).


Guided Outcomes (GO) is a platform that helps employees understand their choices for retirement. First launched in the UK and then Canada, it crunches the numbers, lays out the facts and puts people on track for later life. To get the most out of GO, it helps if employees understand their current financial position and their drivers for a happy future life. As Landscape helped with the initial launch, Eckler asked us to develop a financial education platform, built initially around three modules, to help an employee understand their attitude to money, and how well they have it under control.


Employees can choose English or French to input their current finances (GO Start), goals for the future (GO Dream) and monthly outgoings (GO Plan). It then summarises each module and illustrates the consolidated information as an interactive dashboard for a quick snapshot of their financial bearings, and with proposed actions to help resolve any potential issues. The application includes a database for user registration, and autofills with information from Statistics Canada to illustrate behaviours of peer groups from different regions of Canada. We built the fully responsive site using Bootstrap on Microsoft Azure, and used BitBucket for version control and issue functionality.